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10 Year Insurance-backed Structural Warranty
Our Services
Providing direct coverage from the day of closing a full 10 year insurance backed, structural warranty from major structural defects.
Reivew entire warranty booklet online here: Solid Warranty
  1. One Year Warranty
    Your Builder/Seller is providing a one year workmanship and one year systems defect warranty for your new home as defined in the Construction Performance Guidelines of the Solid Warranty Booklet.
  2. 1 Year Workmanship Items
    Roofing; cabinets, door panels, exterior siding, hardwood floor/ resilient flooring tile, basement floor, carpet, paint, countertops, sink, toilet, ceramic tile, drywalls, interior trim.
  3. 1 Year Systems Items Covered
    Supply piping, waste piping, ductwork, electrical wiring.
  4. 10 Year Structural
    10-year structural home warranty provides coverage for the following load bearing home components:
  5. Structural Defect Definition
    Structural Defects is defined as actual physical damage to the designated load-bearing elements of the home thereby causing their load-bearing functions to become unsafe, unsanitary, or otherwise unlivable. This coverage is for catastrophic failure of load-bearing elements of your home.
  6. Load-bearing Elements
    ^ Footings and foundation systems; ^ Beams; Grinders; Lintels; ^ Masonry arches; Columns; ^ Load-bearing walls and partitions; ^ Roof framing systems; ^ Floor systems.